What is shaping the future of waste removal in North America?

Underground automatic waste removal systems, Like Envac’s, poised to have a tremendous impact on the industry as well as future development


The United States of America, known for its excessive waste production, is now poised to embrace a future of waste removal centered around sustainability. With an astonishing annual output of 268 million tons (equivalent to approximately 1,600 to 1,700 pounds per person), the nation has long grappled with the challenge of managing this large volume of trash. However, the solid waste management industry recognizes this as an opportunity for transformative change, with sustainability acting as the primary driving force.

To address the daunting surge in waste resulting from population growth, industrialization, and urbanization, waste management companies are now turning to advanced collection and recycling solutions. Among these innovative approaches, underground automatic waste removal systems are emerging as a game-changer.

Leading the way in this field is Envac, a renowned Swedish innovator that has developed state-of-the-art underground waste removal systems, revolutionizing waste management in cities, healthcare and residential developments. These cutting-edge systems utilize a network of pneumatic tubes to transport waste directly from buildings to a central collection station, eliminating the need for traditional waste collection vehicles and bins. With over 1000 installations worldwide, Envac’s technology has already proven its efficiency and effectiveness in handling waste on a large scale, and now it is being introduced in North America.

By implementing underground automatic waste removal systems, cities can simultaneously address multiple challenges. Firstly, these systems significantly reduce operating costs associated with waste management, requiring less equipment and fewer workers compared to traditional methods of waste removal. Secondly, the elimination of unsightly bins and waste collection vehicles enhances the aesthetic appeal of cities, promoting cleaner and more livable environments.

Moreover, underground automatic waste removal systems contribute to sustainability efforts by enabling efficient waste separation and an increase in recycling. This advancement aligns with government initiatives and stringent regulations aimed at advancing sustainable waste management mechanisms and curbing illegal dumping. By recognizing waste as a valuable resource rather than mere refuse, these systems facilitate the transition toward a circular economy, where resources are reused and recycled, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Marco Acevedo from Envac North America emphasizes, “The world has limited resources. If we don’t reuse and recycle them, we cannot begin to talk about a circular economy.” With such insights, it becomes evident that underground automatic waste removal systems, exemplified by Envac’s pioneering technology, will have a transformative impact on the waste removal industry as we look toward the future. These systems offer cost-effective, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing solutions to cities and developments worldwide, contributing to cleaner and more livable environments.

About Envac: Envac is a global leader in underground waste collection systems, with over 1000 installations in cities across the world. Leveraging their proven expertise, Envac combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable principles to transform waste management practices. Their innovative solutions aim to create cleaner, more efficient, and future-proof cities.

For more information, explore Envac’s website at https://www.envacgroup.com/us


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