Operational cost savings

Envac systems offer long-term cost savings and favourable payback periods due to more efficient waste collection and the reduced use of electricity and vehicle fuel costs. Some Envac systems have also reduced insurance premiums for customers due to the reduced risk of fires with closed waste collection systems.

Resilient systems

Some of our first systems installed in the 1960s have been in operation for over 50 years with minimal maintenance requirements. They are also proven to work during and after extreme weather events such as snowstorms and hurricanes when conventional waste collection systems are shut down.

Enhancing property value

An Envac pneumatic waste collection system requires less space than conventional waste management systems as limited space is required for sorting and storing waste in neighbourhoods. This freed up space can be used by building owners or developers for additional development space or other value-added amenities or uses that increase the property value.

Potential for more green space

The saved outdoor space can be used to create more green areas that can improve the quality of life for residents. This adds value for building owners, city developers and local residents.

Our goal
3000 users
of ReFlow by the end of 2023 and 100,000 users by 2027

The world’s first smart meter for waste collection

Envac ReFlow provides users with convenient guides to improve the sorting of recyclables and providing alternative inlets when inlets are full.

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