Envac is helping to accelerate the green transition at the House of Sweden sustainability exhibit in Washington DC

The new ‘Pioneer the Possible: Accelerating the Green Transition’ exhibition in Washington D.C. highlights various proven green solutions from Sweden which can help U.S. cities achieve their sustainability objectives.

The Swedish Institute, together with the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C., Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, and several Swedish companies, has put together an exciting exhibition. This showcase presents an array of sustainable solutions provided by Swedish companies and agencies. From renewable energy and sustainable transport to green buildings and improved waste management practices, the exhibition highlights proven sustainability solutions.

Envac – sustainable and colourful approach to waste

The exhibition features Envac’s innovative waste collection solutions, which are instrumental in assisting cities in enhancing recycling, reducing carbon emissions, and improving residents’ quality of life. Envac systems use underground pneumatic tubes to transport waste at high speeds to collection stations. As a result, the system promotes road safety and creates cleaner and more liveable neighbourhoods. With over 1,000 automated waste collection systems installed around the world, Envac serves more than 4 million daily users and has a proven record of increasing global recycling rates. The intelligent system also collects data on waste volumes, quantities recycled, and user recycling behavior. This data is further optimized through machine learning, allowing Envac’s system to configure its capacity and adjust collection intervals to better serve communities worldwide.

The Envac exhibit – At the Envac exhibit, visitors can experience user-friendly waste management solutions. One such solution showcased at Pioneer the Possible is the color-coded optical waste sorting system, where colored balls are deposited into inlets. The balls represent waste sorting bags which are automatically separated by color at a central waste facility, streamlining the recycling process. The same Envac waste sorting solution implemented in Eskilstuna, Sweden, enabled the municipality to achieve its recycling objective of sorting over 50% of its waste within just a few months.

According to Madeleine Sjöstedt, Director General for the Swedish Institute, “Pioneer the Possible is one of the Swedish Institute’s most successful communication initiatives, having been exhibited from Vietnam to Paris. Now, House of Sweden is hosting the exhibit, and there is no better place to introduce the American market to Sweden’s collaborative and forward-thinking solutions. The exhibition showcases a wide range of companies and initiatives, highlighting Sweden’s ability to create tomorrow’s solutions through innovation and collaboration.”

Leading the transition to carbon neutrality – Envac’s waste collection systems are revolutionizing conventional waste collection methods by significantly reducing heavy traffic. With the aim of achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2030, Envac is committed to promoting sustainable practices, including use of their automated waste collection systems around the world. Pioneer the Possible showcases the positive impact of innovative Swedish companies, especially in areas such as waste collection, which are often overlooked in the sustainability discussion.

The exhibition’s opening evening in March 2023 was well-received, with around 70 attendees invited to learn more about the pioneering Swedish initiatives which can help the United States achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. With over 15,000 visitors expected over the upcoming year, Pioneer the Possible highlights the importance of global collaboration in promoting sustainable practices and advancing towards a more sustainable future.

About the exhibition

The Pioneer the Possible exhibit will be hosted at the House of Sweden in Washington D.C. until March 2024. This exhibition is centered around Sweden’s ambitious sustainability goals, including their commitment to becoming the first developed economy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. The exhibition also highlights Sweden’s unique model of collaboration between the public sector, business, and academia, which has been instrumental in driving innovative and sustainable solutions to global challenges. By showcasing the best of Swedish innovation and sustainable practices, Pioneer the Possible aims to inspire visitors to join the global effort towards a more sustainable future.

House of Sweden, Washington DC

About House of Sweden

House of Sweden in Washington D.C. is a crucial platform for promoting mutual interests between Sweden and the United States. This building serves as the Embassy of Sweden and also features an Events Center and exhibition halls, which are open to the public. House of Sweden offers a unique space for showcasing Swedish culture, innovation, and sustainable practices to American audiences, fostering meaningful exchanges between the two countries. Through its diverse range of events and exhibitions, House of Sweden plays a vital role in strengthening the bilateral relationship between Sweden and the United States.


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