Envac North America Renewed Partnership with Premier Inc.

Envac North America, a leader in the global automated waste collection industry, has renewed its partnership with Premier Inc., a prominent healthcare improvement company and Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) located in Charlotte, NC. Premier, being one of the major healthcare-oriented GPOs in the US, is set to bolster the healthcare industry by collaborating with Envac to provide improved solutions for waste transportation challenges.

Envac North America is proud to announce the renewal of our partnership with Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company and GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) based in Charlotte, NC. Premier is one of the largest health-oriented group purchasing organizations in the United States, and this partnership is set to benefit the healthcare industry by providing enhanced solutions to the waste transportation challenges that it currently faces.

Envac is a leader in the global automated waste collection industry and is recognized for its innovative pneumatic waste collection system. We are dedicated to leading the design and implementation of next-generation recycling through resource-efficient waste handling. With a focus on creating smarter cities and healthier healthcare facilities, Envac is committed to improving quality-of-life and securing a greener planet for future generations.

The partnership with Premier is a reflection of Envac’s commitment to collaborating with industry innovators who share its goals for sustainability and a better-performing healthcare system. This renewed partnership will provide a unique opportunity for Envac and Premier to work together to address the challenges facing the healthcare industry, and to provide innovative and sustainable waste management solutions.

Envac North America and Premier Inc. are proud to continue their partnership and are confident that this collaboration will bring significant benefits to the healthcare industry. Through their combined expertise and commitment to sustainability, they will work towards creating a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly waste management system for healthcare facilities.


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