The brief

Pavilion K is a cutting-edge extension to the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal which  revolutionizes emergency medical services and patient care. Designed to tackle patient waiting time and streamline workflow, Pavilion K houses a state-of-the-art and innovative emergency department.


Dedicated to catering to patients in need of emergency medical treatment, surgery, intensive care, coronary care, or neonatal care, Pavilion K encompasses a spacious area of 82,000 square feet. Within this expansive facility, the pavilion is divided into three distinct units, each equipped with specialized capabilities to meet the diverse needs of patients.



2 fractions

Waste and soiled linen

1,804 linear feet of pipe

A pipe network of 1,804 linear feet of 20″ diameter piping

45 loading stations

45 loading stations across three 14-story risers

14,000 pounds of waste/day

“Expertly-engineered automated solutions from Envac have redefined efficiency, safety, sustainability and aesthetics in hospital waste management.”

To enhance the efficiency of operations, Pavillion K has partnered with Envac, a leading provider of waste management solutions. The project includes the implementation of a state-of-the-art general waste and linen collection system, designed specifically to serve the 254 hospital beds, 131 stretchers, and general waste requirements of the pavilion.

Employing a parallel two-pipe network installed in the subterranean parking levels of Pavilion K, the Envac system seamlessly transports waste and linen throughout the facility. This underground infrastructure optimizes space utilization while ensuring a clean and clutter-free environment for patients and staff.

Conveniently located adjacent to the pavilion, the terminal building serves as the central hub for the waste and linen collection system. This strategic placement further enhances the efficiency and accessibility of waste management operations within Pavilion K.

With Pavilion K’s innovative design, state-of-the-art facilities, and efficient waste management system, Montreal takes a significant leap forward in delivering exceptional emergency care to its residents. This extension sets a new benchmark in healthcare infrastructure, aiming to provide timely, effective, and compassionate medical services to those in need.

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