The project

The Envac automated waste collection system has been operational since 2008 and was around 75% built out at the end of 2020. By 2025, around 24,000 residents will use the system in Wembley that will handle up to 6,000 tonnes of waste and recycling per year.

The Envac system has optimised the use of space in central London by avoiding the need for conventional waste collection infrastructure involving bins and collection trucks. When fully complete, the system will save the space of around 2,000 traditional waste containers, the equivalent of around 200 car park spaces, to allow significantly more space for resident amenities.

Recyling rates increased

An analysis in 2020 concluded that Wembley Park residents are recycling four times more than the national average for apartments, largely due to the Envac automated waste collection system making recycling easier for residents. The system has helped increase the local authority’s recycling rates by 30%, and refuse lorry trips have been dramatically reduced to decrease emissions by 90%.

4 fractions

Non-recyclables / Organic / Dry recyclables / Cardboard

6,000 tons of waste/year

by 2025

24,000 connected users

by 2025

The system uses around 15% of the space required for a conventional waste collection system, which has freed up more space for greenery, amenities, shared social uses for residents and potentially more units.

In fact, the system has saved around a third of a football pitch of valuable space to date. This presents the developer with opportunities to offset the installation costs of the Envac system – while benefitting from lower operational costs throughout the lifespan of the system.

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