Business Responsibility

Envac Business Responsibility involves the promotion of fair practices within operations and supply chain.

The foundation of our sustainability work

Our approach to responsible business is the foundation of our sustainability work and we aim to be a sustainable business partner by conducting business responsibly and by working with our three business responsibility topics.

  • Working Conditions
  • Fair and Ethical Business
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Safe working conditions is our top priority

We promote good working conditions for everyone impacted by our solutions and operations – including our own employees, our customers and waste collection workers.

At every level of our company, safety is a top priority. Our management teams, from global to local, always include safety in their meetings and work to create a culture of safety within the company. We take a proactive approach to prevent accidents related to our operations and systems, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero accidents. We use reporting tools for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) incidents and actively engage in safety programs. Recently, we introduced a global OHS KPI that measures incidents, serious accidents, and near misses.

Sanitary environment while reducing operational costs in healthcare sector

Our solutions in hospitals collect waste and linen to be handled efficiently in a closed system. Therefore, the risk of spreading diseases is reduced and improves the safety of patients and hospital staff.

With the infectious waste solution, the waste is handled in a sealed environment and is neutralised in the facility using safe methods. After the treatment, the waste can be handled as normal waste.

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Reducing manual handling and improving work environment

Manual handling is one of the main causes of injury in waste management as it involves carrying and heavy lifting. By removing these activities, we promote OHS in the waste collection industry, and within waste and linen handling in the hospital sector.

Fair and ethical business

Operating a fair and ethical business is crucial to Envac’s reputation and success. Business partners, including suppliers and customers, are essential to our ability to run a fair and ethical business.

Code of Conduct
The Envac Code of Conduct guides our people to act ethically in their day-to-day business and our supplier code of conduct encourages our suppliers to do the same.

Employees are proactively engaged in e-learning programs related to code of conduct, whistleblowing, standards of ethics, etc. We aim to ensure that all our external suppliers also follow and adhere to Envac’s Code of Conduct.

Envac’s Whistleblowing Process, launched in 2022, enables internal and external stakeholders to anonymously report suspected breaches of our Code of Conduct or unethical behaviour to a third-party.

Diversity and inclusion

We are working to promote equality and inclusion among all our employees around the world.

Global Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Guideline
Our global Diversity and Inclusion Policy, which was launched in 2022, guides our work with diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation. We believe that promoting a more diverse and inclusive organisation drives innovation and makes us better adapted for long-term success.

In the future, we are committed to further strengthening our work with diversity and inclusion. We annually conduct a gap analysis to create an action plan that will improve our efforts in creating a more inclusive work environment.

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