Wembley Park

The UK’s first pneumatic waste collection system, saving space and boosting recycling rates.

Summit Plaza Apartments

Summit Plaza, situated in Jersey City, stands as New Jersey’s largest privately-owned Section 8 housing complex, accommodating over 1,200 individuals. This includes vulnerable populations such as long-term residents, elderly and disabled individuals, and families with more than five members, as defined by HUD.   The Envac automated waste removal system was installed in 1972, and is still running strong today, effortlessly removing residential waste, over fifty years later.


By opting for a pneumatic, automated waste collection instead of traditional trash collection, Bergen has become a global trailblazer.

Stockholm Royal Seaport

Envac was selected as waste collection technology partner in order to share the skills, knowledge and expertise gained through being a part of one of Stockholm’s most high-profile developments to date.

Cité Verte

According to the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec, Cité Verte is among the 50 projects that have significantly influenced urban planning in the last 50 years. It is a remarkable example of a green initiative that paves the way for similar projects in larger cities. Cité Verte has received numerous accolades for its sustainable urban planning.

Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council is Australia’s fifth largest municipality located 100 km north of Brisbane.
Envac is now operating Australia’s first ever pneumatic waste collection system for domestic waste in the city centre.

Barking Riverside

460 Envac waste inlets replace 19 000 traditional bins. Saving space and contributing to the aesthetics.

Roosevelt Island

This is the first and only existing pneumatic system in New York City and the third of those built in the United States, in New Jersey and at the Disney World leisure complex in Orlando (Florida).

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