Ersta hospital

The new part of the hospital opened in 2023 and faces Folkungagatan. To optimise the internal logistics at the hospital, Ersta hospital chose Envac to install a pneumatic chute system for both waste and laundry.

St Olavs Hospital, Trondheim, Norway

One of the most notable measures adopted by the hospital is the installation of Envac’s automatic waste collection system. The system is designed to collect four different waste streams: paper, confidential paper, residual, and plastic.

Meilahti Bridge Hospital, Finland

Envac Finland has introduced an enhanced waste disposal system at The Bridge Hospital, which has resulted in improved safety and efficiency. The system covers general waste, soiled linen vertical shafts, and automated platform conveyors on every floor, reducing the need for staff and patients to transport waste through hallways and elevators.

Sirio-Libanes Hospital

The Sírio-Libanês Hospital in São Paulo is one of the most prominent hospitals in South America, having become internationally recognised for its commitment to healthcare.

301 Hospital

Beijing 301 hospital is known as one of the premier hospitals in China. Since 2009 two Envac systems solves the collection of general hospital waste and soiled linen. The systems are exclusively designed for Beijing 301 hospital. They are environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic.

Hainan Cancer Hospital

A cutting edge hospital in Haikou City, China, designed to promote optimism, empowerment and rehabilitation, as well as foster a sense of community for staff, clients and visitors.

Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital

Suzhou Science and Technology City Hospital is a three-level general public hospital in Jiangsu province.

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