Automated Waste and Soiled Linen Systems: Simplifying Waste Management

Envac North America Releases Groundbreaking White Paper on the Financial Impact of Automated Waste/Linen Handling Systems in Healthcare Settings

In a move that promises to revolutionize waste and linen management in healthcare facilities, Envac North America has unveiled a comprehensive white paper titled “Calculating the Financial Impact of an Automated Waste/Linen Handling System Installation in Healthcare Settings.” This seminal document explores the numerous benefits and cost savings associated with adopting automated waste and linen handling systems in hospitals and healthcare centers.

What is shaping the future of waste removal in North America?

The United States of America, known for its excessive waste production, is now poised to embrace a future of waste removal centered around sustainability. With an astonishing annual output of 268 million tons (equivalent to approximately 1,600 to 1,700 pounds per person), the nation has long grappled with the challenge of managing this large volume of trash. However, the solid waste management industry recognizes this as an opportunity for transformative change, with sustainability acting as the primary driving force.

Envac North America Receives AIA Approval for Accredited Educational Program

Envac North America has recently been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) educational program for a program on automated waste and soiled linen removal systems in hospitals.  This accredited course will educate design and construction professionals on the benefits, design, and implementation of automated waste and soiled linen removal systems as a solution to complex waste handling challenges in healthcare settings.

Envac’s sustainability report emphasizes carbon neutral operations in smart waste collection

At Envac, we aim to completely transform the waste management industry by introducing innovative and accessible solutions. Our cutting-edge technologies enable us to confront the global challenges we face and positively impact future generations. Numerous smart cities have recognized the benefits of our automated waste collection system and are investing in it as a sustainable and ingenious way to localize the solution. The system offers a multitude of advantages, including reducing truck traffic, minimizing waste output, promoting recycling, and creating employment opportunities.

Envac is helping to accelerate the green transition at the House of Sweden sustainability exhibit in Washington DC

The new ‘Pioneer the Possible: Accelerating the Green Transition’ exhibition in Washington D.C. highlights various proven green solutions from Sweden which can help U.S. cities achieve their sustainability objectives.

Envac China at a pivotal role in making Yantai-Hammarby Eco City achieve a sustainable Nordic lifestyle

At Yantai, China, a parallel between Sweden’s Hammarby region and the Nordic lifestyle is built to encourage sustainable living. Inspired by Hammarby lake town in Stockholm, the Yantai eco-city introduces Nordic concepts and technical solutions to reduce the environmental impact of rapid urbanization.

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