Envac supports Trondheim City’s visionary waste management goals in Norway

Stockholm, 18th June, 2024 – Envac is working with the city of Trondheim, which has been recognised for its innovative and eco-friendly waste management practices in a stride towards sustainable urban development. With a keen focus on reducing landfill waste, the city has successfully implemented a full vacuum automatic waste collection system for residential areas with over 250 apartment units. This initiative streamlines waste sorting and optimises space utilisation amidst rapid urbanisation.

Envac underground automated waste collection systems (AWCS) are currently connected to 11000 apartments, with plans to extend to over 24000 more, which are supported by 9 operational waste collection terminals, with 15 more on the horizon. It has significantly contributed to the city’s waste management efficiency by collecting almost 2300 tonnes of residual waste, representing around 30% of the total underground waste collection (and 8% of the overall waste collection solution in the city). The system is designed to handle four types of waste: plastic, paper, food, and residual waste, with 24/7 availability across

The Envac waste collection solutions align with Trondheim’s commitment to sustainable development, emphasising the need for safety, efficiency, and space conservation. By eliminating the need for large waste collection trucks within residential areas, the city enjoys reduced environmental impact, improved safety, and hygiene, alongside notable reductions in noise, pollution, and odour.

“In Norway, the least preferred solution is the disposal of waste in landfills. The most favourable option is to prevent waste generation and reuse and repair products. If waste is still generated, the key target is to recycle the materials. – Brage Hertzenberg-Nafstad, Trondheim Municipality

The city’s waste management strategy extends beyond collection and sorting. Residual waste is incinerated for energy, contributing to central heating needs, while paper and plastic undergo sorting at an automated facility, with the paper being recycled regionally. Food waste is transformed into biofuel and fertilisers, supporting the operation of garbage trucks and public transport with biogas.

In a testament to new waste collection practices, the city has managed to decrease annual waste generation, even amid the challenges of urban growth. In 2023, per capita total waste production in Trondheim dropped to 287kg, down from 296kg the previous year. Furthermore, 48% of residual household waste was incinerated for energy use, marking a 5% improvement from 2022.

Figure 1: The illustration explaining how the Envac stationary vacuum waste collection system works

Figure 1: The illustration explaining how the Envac stationary pneumatic waste collection system works

Trondheim is rapidly evolving with innovative waste management practices that set the standard for many cities worldwide. With its unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, Trondheim is heading toward a cleaner vision for future waste management. Envac, with its extensive experience in research and development, is proud to be a part of this journey. Envac provides waste collection solutions that help neighbourhoods and communities easily achieve their waste collection goals.

“Our top priority is to provide a sustainable solution for Trondheim that improves the current residents’ and future generations’ quality of life. The innovative Envac system makes waste collection smarter, greener, safer, and more hygienic. We take pride in being the pioneers of a forward-thinking waste collection system that can support the city in achieving its goals.” Roy Sandersen, District Manager Trondheim, Envac Norway

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